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Coaching support for you...

I hope you find these testimonials helpful in showing the support which Emerald Green Coaching can offer. Names have been changed for anonymity.

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

Testimonials for Coaching: Testimonials
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I have never had coaching before and I found it so useful. My coach Heather was very professional
and excellent at helping me to decide what was important for me to talk about.
Heather was at no point trying to force me to talk about things
and very much guided me by asking questions to make me think and reflect.
The coaching sessions gave me a space to stop and think and reflect,
which often is difficult to do in my busy life with work commitments.
The coaching made me realize and identify what I wanted to improve in my life
and how to go about it to achieve it. The coaching also made me aware of what I have achieved,
of good things which I rarely think about.
I would highly recommend coaching. It is time out for you to stop up and think about you and not others. Heather is a very approachable and highly professional coach. She has brought calm in to my life and I feel a lot less stressed. Heather has given me tools to take more care of myself. I can highly recommend her.

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