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Coaching and Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Coaching is a solution focused process which supports and facilitates self-awareness, self-confidence, clarity about goals and life projects and how to achieve them. Coaching is a powerful process helping you recognise and understand what you want and how to achieve it. The focus is on the positive, the present and the future.  Coaching focuses on helping you to flourish and find happiness and success within identified areas of your life.

Advice from others is not always helpful – people need to come to their own conclusions and decisions about how to manage issues in life and be clear about aspirations. Coaching provides the space to do so through listening, attentive questioning, clarifying, affirming and offering feedback. You remain in control of the content of discussions, information discussed and actions agreed. The coach positively supports knowledge and awareness of self, your values and strengths to help clarify future aspirations and directions. The coach will support you, with your areas of focus, to construct, illuminate and articulate opportunities and actions to take. There is space to consider and visualise how aspirations fit with current reality and to explore and manage any potential barriers.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching uses all of the above in the context of work and work related issues. It is solution focused and concerned with the present and the future. Executive coaching supports clients to achieve success and achieve satisfaction in their work. This leads to improved motivation and performance in the workplace, in the context of the individual, their skills and development.

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